Saturday, January 11, 2020

Tbilsi Georgia - 1998/1999 yes yes - with Germans and foremost Americans

This could go back even to 1999. Original restaurant where we stopped and ate on our way to Tbilsi - reasion for us to stop in city Udabno was a small lake. Americans were extremely curious about what went on all over this world....

Not  a joke...I have proofs already :)))) We traveled to Tbilisi first from Turkey FIRST...then also from Azerbaijan which had much bigger airport international connections compared to Tbilsi - safety was main concern. You want to test my knowledge :p come and get it ;) Nothing left to Bundestag other than say "yes" to this claim.

Hostels(at latter stage when Ukrainians and others also became involved - talking 2005/2006  and on) near parliament in Tbilsi - but my memory goes far far back - way prior to their arrival to this part of the world. 1998/1999 must be first time for me in Tbilsi.

German government left without choice other than confirm here written.

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