Sunday, May 5, 2019

OTTO WARMBIERS MOTHER: North Korea absolute evill, but fat pile of **** that dwells inside of the White House with his KGB honey not

Piece of advice for Ms Warmbier(Trump's martyr):
You will sound more legitimate once you address as with what you addressed North Korea(talking about pure evill) with whom I suggested in title as. North Korea works with Kremlin closer than with China and I know not for bigger traitor in the histoiry if US to US than your president Donald Trump is. Related to

Both of you along with husband are a family super duper deep in US political affairs(specialised in North Korea) who became acquaintained with my case in 2004/2005.

For others:
Allways try to cool tastes better and its less angry too. Yeah pure evill. So evill that world has not seen anything as evill that seats in the White House.

From USA Today

So called Russian investigation(actually is a lie) goes on I understand(beside Trump hanging on phone for two hours with Putanowich) - US democrats are therevto serve one and only main political party in US and that is republican party.

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