Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I seal the deal - FAST

It seemed to me when subjected to MKultra that I will never ever identified anything(I think drug effect alone heavily retards your brain functioning) while Americans gestured it will be a piece of cake for me...I see now they were right😂

People tell me am brave - am not. Its just that when you have nothing to loose(when you are deprived of family via forced unemployment and psychiatric terror - when you see who has what at your expense while your life is being ruined and even whatever you have left they want to take away from you), you don't care about fears that normal humans have. 

But then again I probably am. Trouble was to get to this stage(most of the people would give in million times) which according to the KGB in Belarus(2017) was task impossible already due to my age if not other factors. Its done folks :)))) I did it.

Family...wife/children(when you play with these types of issues, I don't choose much what to use or how)...this is what/why and this is how !!!

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