Saturday, May 11, 2019

When I posted two weeks ago also malnutritioning issue, owner of center station over

150/200 packages of what you see here. After one week we were allowed to take entire packages(1 per day) to rooms.

It was not allways like this. I got perhaps two/three jars(jars not packages) within 8 months. No breakfast or lunch/dinner if I went to town(they wouldnt set one aside). Buy your own from whatever(from 17 Euros a month - whatever chargers/ cables/ etc was not destroyed in many cases even prior to arrival if ordered via mail). It was time when I was so hungry that prepared myself hot dring in the middle of the night when Belarus KGB wouldnt let me sleep on what I wettened bed. Next day humid bread(packed with whatever virus that left me grasping for air and coughing next two weeks) leftovers were placed on food counter to eat and so on...
Just need to keep straight about who/what/how, so someone doesnt get wrong idea. Respect is a two way street and this owner built himself fortune from this case alone.

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For Americans whch brought money from US prior to arrivals to have one exchanged in Zgierz MKultra ended shortly after what you see here was distributed in exactly same way - some took what you see here even to Polish girls whom they met at work near bye...for me its just an new beginning here in Poland. I am not going ANYWHERE.

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