Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In 2002/ 2003 Elon Musk was still incharged for my MKultra case

Then he handed case over to someone else, and in 2005 one turned against me gesturing I caused him so many problems that would probably be best for me alone and others to be just dead.

You did well in 2002/2003. I did caused problems with resilance against MKultra torture via insults(dont know how thats possible - how can anyone take seriously poor creep tortured via MKultra !!??? Can if he is brainwashed to, but otherwise not...the one who brainwashed into belief people on how subjected to MKultra person is so intellegent were you politicians who needed such game going - you made me upset enough to insult and people crazy enough to belief my insults), but dead !!???? 

Still, you did very very good job in 2002/2003. Today, I did extraordinary well because of you alone.

I have to just and tell ss it was.

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