Thursday, May 30, 2019

The day as was

0700 exercise and videos

0940 beakfast
1100 library where editing movies
1430 lunch
1500 burning movies(editing and burning can only be done on super slow computers - fast computers are reserved for more important things such as games and news reading).
1700 library closes(librarian plays with children on  thursdays and library is as a resolt 2.5 hours earlier closed down) couldnt transfer even 2.5gb video on class 10 card - needed 1 hour for data transfer. Librarian lets me wait outside for file to get transferred, but one never transfers because someone disconnects cable.
0700 head to center and eat
0800 try to upload one movie teansferred to mp3 player as all pendrives are ruined or data was deleted from tgem that needs to be recivered.
2130 going in bed as they dont alow to upload anything(connect/disconnect wifi and 2/300 kb per second if)...they allways play like this nights to keep you awakecas possible...

You could do all of the above(and upload movies) within 3 hours, but no...this is how it works for thge last 11 months now. I dont really care cause I got it done regardless.

Will be in city tomorrow to get it done instead.

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