Sunday, May 12, 2019

THERE WILL BE NO WAR BETWEEN POLAND AND ISRAEL: Poland to return seized WWll property to Jews is best news for Poland since end of the WWll

Best news for Poland since the end of the WWll. Kaczynski's(Morawiecki/Duda) cancer game against Poland on behalf of Kremlin coming to an end. News will am certain attract many normal investors which otherwise wouldnt even think about investing in Poland.  Polish psychologist did me a favor with her sweet little lie 8 months ago when we met 150 meters from immigration center in Grotnikih....she boosted my confidence in Poland by stating me basically what her perfect world would be like if destiny wouldnt cross our two lives(never crossing Polish borders would be her case as she is extremelly patriotic)

Anyhow, Fort😂😂Trump seems have hit between teeth his own supporters(all for the wrong reasons) really really hard. Duda selected as president because of his wife which has some Jewish roots(not much, but enough to claim for return of property) just as is my stay in Poland which Kaczinski speculators beleived would be used to scare away owners of stollen propery in Poland. NOT SO !!!! KREMLIN'S PARANOIA ENDS HERE !!!

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