Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Will post one more four(perhas even 5) hour long documentary about Zgierz - verifications of shops and owners/sales people and then

contact US congress/senate with demand to arrest Donald Trump. I am not interested in Nancy Palosy's alike impeachments of any kind as is criminal to murder American citizens on behalf of enemy.

Obtained information(I DO NOT USE INTERNET TO FIND OUT ANYTHING IN RESPECT TO INFORMATION I POSTED ON INTERNET REGARDING POLAND BAS WAS TOLD MOMENT I WOULD WOULD ALL END FOR ME) that Grotniki immigration center operation was till 2009 camouflaged(camouflaged because this information if real was hidden from me all along) as mental institution on what one changed to hotel for about year and then into immigration center.

If I wouldn't recognize people(staff and their children from 2004, 2005, 2006 etc.), neighbors, area, I would possibly be even in trouble here...this news to me just confirms how double faced(beyond criminal) Kaczynski is in his dealings.

Yes, we were in our own rooms(three rooms in entire facility only) and I was not allowed to look people inside of the dining room that would also seat at the tables. Food served most of the time upstairs and I assume in different from mental patients lunch/dinner hours.

Last documentary coming about Zgierz as I need employment/ life.

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