Friday, May 24, 2019

MKULTRA Detailed discription of KGB roomate Jurij from Belarus and even new area where I travelled today

Video can be also seen at  or  or

Miraculos psychologist as Trump repeated himself to whom you have dedicated statue(conditioned me one even via marriage with her) , deserves
special video appart from one here. "I have already second option if you won't marry me" - friends Milos Zeman/Borut Pahor/ Putin, Psychiatric staff from Ljubljana Polje where tortured and so on...divorced just prior to my arrival with motto - you are worthy for the one as much as one can do for you(do for you when and if you manage to prove world you are not insane after insisting on the$$is for the sake of the money)...

Great to have you here Jurij.

Even that I never walked officially through one, you can see I know road/street all the way to 2003 as if I would be in one. I have also seen two houses infront of this side street - both date to 2003(they look newer in street with numerous new houses and even few new housing projects, but are not).

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