Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tempted to identify to last milimmeter(I will point out even house where person speaks English and what was upgraded in some houses - from 2002 to 2017) - stuff that Americans/ Scandinavians(were present in 2002/2003) were even asking fellow Americans if truth when they rerturned in 2004

This was our first location in 2002 next to Boruta Osrodek Wczasowy....nobody(probably even natives) rememberes certain details as much as I do...deal with this now ;)
I was there on Sunday and did few video recordings(made a little mistake about one house at the end of the little vacation village - but remember that detail now too - its where path to forest existed n 2002/2003 and then land was bout by owner of little vacation house and fenced - everything I can tell you when what house was build heh)...I know all owners...all of you and can give deep accounts about each of you.

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