Monday, May 27, 2019

Very very confused about mentioned psychologist

All is fine in respect to all other issues, but I am puzzled with her views from MKultra. It had a lot to do with what she referred as "my acceptance of her" as I insulted her physical looks when subjected to MKultra as well. I did and I am certain that she trully wanted "acceptance"(whatever perception she had about me) for real love - yeah, I bet that she can be the best of the best mom/wife in this world(her love for children/family is unlimited). But...

I would more than gladly accept her to become all in my life, but notion about Belarus KGB criminal in my room if trully her friend, totally nocks out above written theory. This is nothing more than professional thug/ career criminal who should seat in jail already long time ago(acceptance theory upside down therefore as you cant have from someone that high criteria/expectations and at the sametime insist from one for one to tollerate that much from another individual). There is not a grain of human conscious in him.

Stuff like this is disturbing regardless of how much I desire to be with her and nor will I reconcile through tv shows with those which ruined my life. EVER !!!

You(adopted daughter)/Poland/family is what I want - not crazy political packages to follow us arround(I will not live in shadow of anyone as some contemplated). This is Poland(here to live according to laws as an civilised European); not Russia.

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