Thursday, May 23, 2019

Computers occupied and sirens(repeated spiel from the MKultra and right here in the past - hurry because it will be too late due to elections and f*** type of receopee)

Here is what we are going to documentary and contact US Congress. The deal was and will be none from my side.

I do this to get him behind bars. Once you see documentary, you will understand why so.

In this other library where I wondered because of above exlained situation, however, movie editing programs are unawailable(administrator would not allow not even movie maker installed on one). You get the drill...this was written in Zgierz/not Grotniki(two hours of walk from immigration center ;) Libraries opened today at 11am because its Thursday :))))

Entire week, doctors office in the center was opened for me to reminded on MKultra threats :))) whole thing not violent at all - right !!????

We shall see who will play according to whom's music do...I will explain whole deal.

In hurry for sure, but not for above speciefied reasons...

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