Friday, May 17, 2019

MKULTRA - Old time acquanitance from Grotniki who pledged to help me out in 2002(you were there 100% in 2002 already because you were ice breaker sir) gives me confirmation of about presence of Americans from the past and myself in area of immigration center

People were hassistant about getting involved back then and this very gentleman helped tremendeously along with Americans to get operation for my sake going in Poland(because of him yesterday, my memories turned back in the past and I recalled how American MKultra staff members fought for me in Poland for my sake - it was not an easy start in Grotnikih)

You are my rescuer and I have tremendous respect for you as well. Thank you.

I appoligise to ladies and all for the type of the talk used in conversation(this one and one before) at times, but sometimes its just how things get done.

I will have to recreate to proper translation in English, but most important here is to get things going now. Need as many as possible people to recognize me and presence of Americans in Grotniki(Zgierz and Lodz) area now.

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