Friday, May 24, 2019

Donald Trump stated to me under MKultra that all he has to do is step down and is immune from all charges if

those will be brought against him in respect to this case on the first place - possible since disgrace for US is unheard/unseen as off now.

I don't care because more than money, its important for one to point out who murdered him and how. 

And since we had yesterday repeated violent situation(MKultra scenario repeated yet again), I also don't see myself as explained in bellow video on Polish picture either(nobody needs to be exonerated by murderers or nation that adheres them)

I didn't feel well about my breaking laws when occasionally speeding with car(looking at the rear mirror if police car is near) as a youngster, and don't feel well(its same reason = internal peace) about present/future coughing/sirens/problem making and even coverup of what was done to me right here for the sake of something that doesn't exist.

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