Friday, May 24, 2019

I silently stalk a beautiful wild pig family in Grotnikih(nobody is safe from me lol)

I hear their sound near me and find them just 10m away...turn on and pull somehow tablet out of backpack to video record them:)))

Min 04:30 pappa pig(wild boar) who noticed me, disappears behind tree and is waiting on me to come after his piggies and his darlin pigy which as planned wonder slowly away :)))) They resist indicating any signs of panic. I know so, and instead stay still on my place eyeing pappa boar on what just look what takes place :)))) Beautiful nature...much better than hunting if you ask me😁

Never approach wild boars(dont even think about bears - cubs are most dangerous as parents are extra extra sensitive) unless you know very well what you are doing. 

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