Sunday, May 12, 2019

In that case, Germany owes nothing to Poland as well and Adolf Hitler was correct as well


Children of Holocaust survivors a hyenas and so on - to much fo me. Racism, anti Semitism, and real hyenas on this side of the Oder river yes !!!

What is this if not nazism !!??? Why to blame Hitler and demand reparations from Germany if you are implementintg same procedures as neonazi Germany did 75 years ago !!???

Polane going BUNCRUPT with so called law and justice party(PiS). Who is going to buy anything from you at all when you dont have even for grosh(Germans and others are technologically far ahewar of you and others dont need to sponsor terrorism/ nazism etc.) in your brain !!??? 

PiS !!??? Rather piss in the wind.

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