Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Entire vacation village and 5 owners(everyone I have spoken to) identified all the way to 2002(Not a single mistake - I got thumbs up from people alone) - GAME OVER

No way anyone can dispute my claim.  Today was a very special day for me thanks to peopke of Grotniki/ Lodz/ Zgierz. They maintained everything to the last detail till my arrival 17 years latter. I think Zgierz/ Lodz police had a lot to do with it(but you still owe me video recordings of Russians torturing me infront of Zgierz busines owners)...

I know that people are sensitive about my political writing and was told that one will have deep impact on people giving me account about it and it does, but please know that I want it all or nothing. What sense does it make all these if not for you(I am not doung this for Putan Putanowich and for Poland to remain his #1rape destination, but instead for you so you can become along with Kiev what you meant to be) !!???

I paid awefull price under MKultra and am paying double now(more extra miles), but for me its worth it for my home country and people. 

For everything good you did for me, I pay you back 100 x times.. I trully don't mind for beautiful people. You are beautiful in my eyes.

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