Thursday, May 2, 2019

MKULTRA - I was one of the first Americans who crossed into North Korea(all about Otto Warmbier case and Donald Trump who created me).

Now I can finally reveal who I am and the whole moltitude behind my case. For this news I was told in advance will be rejected by Mr. Kim and one gives a bit leverage(credit for what he created and even ability to temporary maneuver case with lies - but the key word here is "temporary" as I will not agree to any terms/conditions from Trump team) for which I am absolutely not asking to Trump. I reject him in everything he has to offer and will strictly deal via previously mentioned human rights/courts agencies.

I brought Americans and others as a well anticipated enterntainement where those couldnt even dream would be possible to get and was in return rejected/ruined. Could watch my brothers pileup hundreds of billions of Dollars while shivering for bear life - "We don't want you in America any more !!! It is a shame you are US citizen"(told in 2009 in greater Seattle area when blacklisted on job market by roomate - involved in MKultra roomate as they wouldnt allow me to even rent place of my own with savings in pocket).

Uglier than ugly is the truth and ugly we are family !!! Am I right boys !!???

Kazakhstan, Iran, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, India, and many other locations...

Here is who I am and its why I ask United Nations yet again to step in the case immediately.

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