Sunday, February 9, 2020

YESTERDAY: Babushka from Grotniki's immigration center(know her already since 2003 or so) reminded me of being fat fat in the past - American presence in Grotnikah again acknowledged and its why road closure through Grotniki existed for some time(its what police will clarify us) and three individual identified again to last millimeter

To the last millimeter all the way to 2003.

Audios are waiting to be placed online/ coming a bit slow doe to situation I am in, but are coming.

I was already fit when entering immigration system in 2018...but in 2017, I was fat. I was fat on several occasions in my life time and each time managed to shake off weight easily...several immigrants from Grotniki's immigration center confirmed knowing me from the past and it goes to 2002.

Babushka is unique older lady(real gentleman lady too who was always more than happy to see me - compared me to her brothers and even told me would be really proud to be her son)...she is originally Chechen lady who used to work as pharmacist(for many many years) in USSR.

Road closure took place for several months at once when politicians were present...I heard once 6 months and another time for two years...police will explain one.

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