Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bernie Sanders is out of my list - most likely a crook - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for president and no other on my list

Trump wanted a successor which will cover his ass from crimes he committed against people of United States of America. 

Gestured(Trump did) me personally he gets to hand pick his successor and it seems Bernie just may be the one(also participated in MKultra with Trump - I do believe individual was Bernie alone and not some clone). Bernie also appeared in MKultra along Cortez and together gestured against Bloomberg who also had his plan for 2020 presidency, but his plans became obvious after gesturing me exit of some kind from her in case I would change my view on mentioned psychologist - friend of Ocasio(the thing is, I didn't change one even a bit and his actions suggests attempt to subconsciously manipulate - insist on my direction away from her or at least open possibility for such shortcut)...

His actions against other democrat candidates also point in direction of manipulation/lies - cheating/insincerity(inconsistency with his stands in critical moments - dodging) which were classics of seen Trump's administration. 

Trump also insisted on my compensating Bernie financially when my claim would get through(makes sense to me to build Democrats wealthy and give them location which they can always rely on - use as base for their existence), so whole thing with Bernie truly truly stinks. Is rather dangerous in my opinion.

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