Wednesday, February 19, 2020

MKultra: 8 of 8 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKultra program

Video can be also seen at

Pay attention to end of the tape....from 12th hour and 21 minute on when I farewell myself from friends who gave me whatever they could for testimony to be factual. Owner manager of business eventually signaled call from Warsaw upon his arrival at work in the morning...

For the first time in my life I had to leave workplace due to being incapable to physically perform work duties...

It made me felt impotent for the first time in my life - 
I saw myself as male who can't impregnate woman(its 
what disabled worker is to work when not capable to 
handle one in my eyes)

Donald Trump thus ruined 25 years of my life(career 
and personal wise) via forced unemployment and 
psychiatry and have left me crippled in the end...

What I want to do with him and his children also 
involved against me doesn't differ from Jews who 
endured Hitler's mistreatment in Auschwitz. 

there sure is nothing human in either him or 
creatures he produced....

I walked back to hostel angered like never before in my life time and its something I also have to thank Poland for.


NOT UP TO YOU TO RECOGNIZE(I am not a contestant - not a winner or someone who accomplished something meaningful - we are talking about most severe crime here also known to humanity as a genocide through super degradation/super humiliation - methods used in most anti humane forms possible), BUT INSTEAD ADMIT SINCE YOU DECLINED TO ADMIT EVEN AFTER YOU WERE IDENTIFIED IN NOWY TORG-ZAKOPANIH IN 2018.

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