Monday, February 24, 2020

Now 62 years old was also brought to Poland(2006/2008/2010 the latest) by Trumpet to demonstrate his superiority skills to pigeon like myself

What difference does it make whether you lift 100 boxes that weight 20kg or 80 of them...

What difference does it make your height or/and weight when lifting those boxes...none

What difference does it make if thought by physicians(you were trained prior to arrival here by physicians on which relaxation exercise to use etc.) how to avoid tear and wear of spine when exposed to one and when you are so depressed that you deliberately to even wash your teeth as you have nothing to live for...NONE.

What difference does it make what you eat...none...

What difference does it make if you walk 40 kilometers or 20...and if loaded while walking with 10/15kg or 5kg...none...sleeping in tent in forest riding bike to get things done and so on...I admit you none.

What difference does it make if you are kept forcefully unemployed for 23 years or none...none...

I can go and on and hope did answered obese animal in the White House just as to his helper...its a waste of time.

Unfriendly because you took their side during MKultra("hell yeaah we can...sure no problem...nothing we can't do etc.") and because you tend to possibly(sure makes me feel that way and may be a wrong assumption) mislead certain group of people with folly.

Who this man is !!???? Is supposedly very very family oriented man...presented to me s real gentleman - ladies man(you see, these issues don't go hand in hand with names such as "Trump" or "Pompeo"). Was even in his house in US. He has a daughter in case you son I home if I properly recall were daughter(perhaps even two) and wife only. I would love nothing more than to believe into this last paragraph, but  someone eventually will have to start to prove to me something too in return for all the credits I given out to people.

Yeah, I can describe what his house(he was doing this exact exercise ready 10 years ago at least - not new either) looks like, but not benefit nazi criminal, inside of the White House who attempted(what Trumpet anticipated will lie to US Congress) to go as far as bailing himself out of genocide gesturing that he provided solution for one....

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