Friday, February 21, 2020

We have seen Dudas, Kaczynskis, Morawieckis before - we have seen this type of Christian circles in the past

All I can tell you is that people who turn their backs on Jesus(suffering which they witnessed personally) aren't very godly people unless their God is lucifer.

Those who recognized me okay - thank you very much for seeing yourself as Christian - those who didn't and attend church, should be expelled from one by real believers. There is no place in God's house for both.

Will not even go into American Christian matters because they are none of my business. Evil in US went on for too long. Jesus suffered more and more till one seems died out...what is left can be seen in the White House.

Yes, play does have its downsides.....can lead into real human tragedies and such seems will be WWIII. There is always sun after rain do...

I never ever called myself a Jesus to make myself clear(beside cross, I wear also sword because life thought me too)...but suffering above mentioned scum have placed me through in my life in many ways exceeded one. I have purpose of my own in this world...

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