Monday, February 10, 2020

The main human quality is ambition(don't forget where you were told about one) - kill one and you have nothing to worry about

Why hospitals, why own plane/why own car manufacturing/ why own high tech jobs which Poland and Ukraine need desperately when foreign money and foreign dreams are so much better.

Related to corruption

I am from small(tiny) country known as Slovenia where we would no longer even appear since long time ago if our dreams would match those of today's Poland/Ukraine. This is also why. Novo mesto(smaller than Zgierz) is producing cars, has pharmacy company KRKA that have beaten Pfizer on court and so on...we can do this or you can continue like that.

Regarding title...the question for Poland/Ukraine is "do you have a guts"(balls) to pursue one !!???? Do you dare to dream and persuade those dreams !!???

Man who replaced my grandfather and who probably had biggest influence on me in my childhood. Nothing is written about one reallyč.jpg , but he was a partisan and great(perhaps his first friend in Novo mesto) of my grandfather(city secretary of Novo mesto). He built Krka pharmaceutical out of nothing - have done for Slovenia(orig. from Rijeka Croatia) more than anyone ever did and got close to nothing in return. Sweeter than sweet old man which lived and lives in my memories.

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