Monday, February 10, 2020

BILLIONAIRE CLUB AND WANNA BE ANDRZEJ DUDA EXCLUSIVE: Why F35 purchase so expensive and Mosbacher/Duda's personal relationship decades prior to Duda's presidency

Mr. Kaczynski was brainwashed by Mr. Trump sometimes in 1996/1997 into billionaire club's theory - club of selected people in US(all of them are selected neonazi KKK clansmen or simply have to comply with interests of deep US Government)
which would be rather used in the future when compared to open/free society trade. 

Kaczynski's baby Duda and Morawiecki picked news on how to become wealthy across the night via corruption(theft of public taxes) very very fast...question was how to do it, so whole thing started to twist around future F35 planes which would be released one day - for the release of mentioned(basically marriage with billionaire) planes, governments knew already decade and half ahead. So Polish taxpayers are buying with purchase of F35 planes Duda a marriage for his daughter Kinga with American billionaire. That Mosbacher/Duda engaged in few indecent sexual acts is not even a secret - Trumpet set Mosbacher to specially assist Duda within inner/confident as much as possible circles of two(if this type of diplomacy is how you want to call mess like this) diplomacy countries.

 The deal was sealed in ink, I understand, few days ago and should bring to Poland overpriced planes for the cost of Duda's daughter with wealthy American billionaire

Planes in line of Polish military arsenal are as good as good as MIG-29s...produced by those who burned Poland just 70 something years ago - not much to learn from(vs lets say cheaper gripen option which could also be used for own production and is much cheaper to maintain/maneuverable in-smaller Poland alike areas) as are made out of complicated and expensive technology - already outdated technology and extremely extremely expensive...with their costs, they stand on the way of must per survival of Poland needed nuclear weaponry which doesn't exist up to date...

Trump threatened(dared me with release of news as seen here) as per having already mechanism in place against me with Duda if releasing something like this....all I have to say to Trump/Duda is thank you for being open with me. I absolutely don't hate billionaires which serve humanity(nazi is just another nazi in my book - with or without money is still nothing more than a nazi), but will burn(if I have too) entire club of them just to get to you if its what it takes to hand you over to justice department.

F35 when compared to above mentioned Gripen are extremely expensive, will be very very expensive to maintain(difficult to maneuver), already outdated, nothing to learn from as it would take in ever changing technological world Poland 1000 years to catch up with their production, manufactured by those who want Poland to have closer grip on Moscow(not here because of Polish people as people, but because of geographical area), and yeah - this whole thing on long run(not only short) makes enormous difference(buying planes for showcase or with idea to even create your own - reducing defense expenses and instead investing money where needed etc.).

Corruption kills, and Polish taxpayers are yet to learn just how much.

This is also MY answer to ambulance vehicles circling in area(frequently with sirens) for which I was told case will be if I start to raise truth as seen from en try to Poland in 2018.

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