Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Likely" is now a few camera shots and release of imported deadly viruses from USA - Sanders and others who know EVERYTHING about here stated kept and keep silent

and that tells me something little about US politics.

I would urge China, India, Japan, as well as North/South Koreas to work together rather than one against another. You are much closer to one another than to one who is supposedly "protecting" you. 

For thousand of years free of viruses, China now plagued with all reminds me too well of my property destruction in Poland. For that too, I was gestured by Polish police alone that I must keep my property at all the time that clean and neath(separated in vinyl bags and closed with rubber bands) during destruction of one so I don't become even guilty of one.... that they will help me prove "innocence"(imagine your property being torn apart and here explained about what went on) or even work against me if there ever was for anything else....Chinese scenario sounds now all to familiar to me...

You can say whatever is that you want about Obama, but he never ever would allow any of what went on behind his back to actually happen to China/India least you know who you deal with when compared to other candidates is mainly my WHY.

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