Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Polish cleric(priest) went on to publicly insult Mr.Biedron(politician who is openly gay) during mass in the church - people begun to leave church

"GW": Ksiądz obrażał Biedronia podczas mszy. Ludzie wychodzili z kościoła - "GW": The priest insulted Biedronia during the mass. People were leaving the church

Individual who would be a perfect fit for prime minister in Poland according to taste of my own(#1 choice - I wouldn't look any further), got insulted for being openly gay inside of the church during mass in Poland. He further begun to gesture typical Kaczynski's tactics on how one is complaining against Poland to European Union...

I agree it is the shame to complain to Europen Union about mistreatment in Poland(these were exact tactics MKultra brainwashes have used against me in Grotnikih), but it is like this because of corruption in Poland where judges are replaced according to Kaczynski's handpicks - therefore it is a shame for Poland to undermine human's rights to the point when/where one has no place other to complain than outside of the seemingly increasing intolerant fascist system which Poland is turning itself to.

I hope church in Poland and abroad openly acknowledges disgrace this individual have caused to own churchgoer and condemns fascism most strictly one can be condemned. What do we go to church(meeting God) if not to congregate with people around us...yeah, its getting late, but his light will prevail once again - make no mistake about that. 

Sexual freedoms(preferences) as long as those do not violate public laws just as right to abortion are your basic rights - they are non negotiable. Without those, WWII was not even won and healthcare shouldn't exist. Church if not open for all(we are all equal infront of God - judged according to our deeds on earth and not per how/why he created us) should be closed for business PERIOD !!!

Kaczynski's money for churches has yet another side effect - taking Poles across the border to Belarus for private beatings(if not compliant for more) - "see nothing/hear nothing" side effect...and here we come again to basic fundamentals for which I stand for beside strong economic and military policies - Poland/Ukraine's ability to offer people the prohibited in Russia - fundamental rights and freedoms for people known as democracy.

"Rainbow blight" and "fagot" - these terms were the clergyman from Kalisz to insult Robert Biedroń during the mass

Events took place in the parish of God's Providence at ul. In ul. Knasz. The case is described by "Gazeta Wyborcza" and the portal kalisz24.info, which was the first to inform about the whole situation.

People present at the sermon began reporting to the site's editor. Their accounts show that the priest insulted Biedron and criticized the opposition for reporting Poland to the EU authorities. In response to the priest's words, some of the faithful were to leave the church.

"I was not the only person who got up from the bench during the sermon and left the walls of the temple. The priest who was conducting the service clearly confused the sermon with the election rally," says one person.

"Everyone has the language in their heart. Jesus certainly did not do it. It is not in the Gospel. This is not the word of the gospel message. I talked about this matter with priests collaborators on Monday morning" - he told Gazeta Electoral "priest Antoni Wit.

The provincial administration of the order already knows about the whole matter. "The provincial superior has been informed about this event. He is in the process of gathering information and explaining this matter. In the near future we will definitely issue a statement," Fr. Michał Szczypek, provincial secretary of the Orionists.

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