Friday, February 14, 2020

William and Harry saw several interests in crippling me

William saw interest in my future state of mental health which according to him would 100% deteriorate. He objected me with clear explanation of link between my becoming deliberately crippled/being and bullied after becoming crippled to mental health - according to him unavoidable. 

Something I never ever would believe if it was not for news which did find itself at the right place and at the right time(when subjected to torture at previous residence practically owned by British MI5)

Both insisted wouldn't be a big deal and would see in me their grandpa who according to the two have also spine problem.

@William and Harry 

You didn't take on yourself perhaps a burden a bit to big for you to handle !!???? 

You got me in a very unpleasant situation. Position I never ever would want to find myself in, but which leaves me without choice of any kind.

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