Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Michelle Obama opens up about ‘tough times’ that led her and Barack to marriage therapy

@Obamas...could you please not traumatize us ? This is what "DATING" exists for. Its where you get to know/match(hopefully) person's expectations.

In my book - the less people know about your personal relationship, the better both of you are - think what good came out of stuff you loudly told people about.

And if things don't work out, ohh well...there is more people out there looking for relationships(nope, marriage is a hard-work to make myself clear - its the biggest investment one makes in his/her life time, and it takes two for one to workout well).

The "Expectations" is a key word. I am afraid there isn't much left to write about. Perhaps that I couldn't rest apeace because of this scary story(was brainwashed under MKultra on marriage counseling as the only option/possibility to be in relationship with someone).

@Obamas.... if something good happens with that option(if one really comes to life), I will not allow you anywhere even near...the thing is she is cool, you guys are everything but cool. You caused in whole thing more damage than good(to me to her to others).

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