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US EMBASSY IN POLAND: Average cost for F35 plane - 146 MILLION US DOLLARS(about 50% more than what suggested should be on google)

Andrzej Duda's marriage extremely costly matter for Poland. Related to

Lets get to facts and what should be the case with Polish airforce according to my opinion:

#1 Rule in weaponry or what makes one deadly in conflict is use of variety/diversity of won't get any of that with F35 costs - planes will have a great difficulty to even operate with such high maintenance costs.


Pros: GRIPEN  is a workhorse aircraft because of its small size and low operating and logistical costs when compared to F-35. On paper is also faster than the Lightening II. It's unit cost is at around US$ 30–60 Million.

F35 comes with 2–6 times the cost of a Gripen. Also sources suggest that to keep a F-35 airborne for an hour, it requires 35 man-hours of maintainence on ground which can have a significant impact on the availability of aircraft. This translates that this Aircraft cannot be operated at low costs from forward airstrips during wartime where the turn around times are very crucial. And not to mention the F-35 single Pratt and Whitney F135 after burning turbofan with generates 125 kN of thrust is the loudest engine ever installed on a combat jet.

+For 35 vs Gripen is the radar cross section is too low when to be captured by the enemy radar which can be a vital asset in air to air combat. BUT WHEN USING DEFENSE ISSUES(F-35 A/B/C built for the airforce, Navy and the Marine corps - ASSAULT ISSUES THEREFORE WHAT POLAND DOESN'T NEED) IN TERRAIN SUCH AS POLAND(flat), THIS ISSUES DON'T COME SO MUCH TO PLAY.

In a dogfight, 1 V 1, the Rafale would smoke the F35, because it can turn, has very good jammers, and is faster. The internal weapons load is smaller than Rafale. (Or almost everything else.). Designed to deliver some nasty regards into enemy's heart
With plane like this alone, anyone would think twice about open conflict as everything is possible. Cost per unit Rafale B: €74M (flyaway cost, FY2013) Rafale C: €68.8M (flyaway cost, FY2013) Rafale M: €79M (flyaway cost, FY2011)

Final conclusion also from Quora: 

If a country flying the F35 has a spat with the united states, we can ground their entire fleet of F35s from Washingtion. The F35 also sends a full sensor and mission information to the pentagon every time it flies. If Norways flies their F35 over a field in Finland, the United States will know about it before the pilot gets home for dinner.
The only exception is Israel. Their F35I's dont have the spyware, and dont talk to the pentagon or Lockheed.


While not a complete junk(GARBAGE), F35 is in many issues close to complete junk and can as a warplane excel only with deadly variety of US air arsenal. NONE OF WHICH IS AFFORDABLE TO POLAND...

For half a cost of F35 purchase, Poland could affording itself a variety of deadly lower cost to maintain planes(20 Gripens and 10 Dessaults wouldn't hurt either) and start own hitech air-defense industry together with Ukraine. 

Also from Quora: Having a local arms industry is important if you want to be politically independent.

OOOO, WHEY !!! At least Andrzej Duda and his mentor Kaczynski are happy with purchase :)))) Poor Kinga and her groom. The more one tries to get away from it all, the closer reality follows him/her...
I am also the one who opened in 2006 case publicly against traitors JANEZ JANSA alike in Slovenia(at the time Kucan/Drnovsek/Borut Pahor - opposition - didn't dare to say anything about what went on just to be identified by both sides as traitor to Slovenia - have sent psychitrists on hunt after me - compelling me in run from life from own country for the second time in life(back to US) for attempted purchase of greatly overpriced(CORRUPTION CASE) Finish Patria vehicles....eventually I woke Slovenian journalists on time via RTV Slovenia forum - nobody ever expressed a single thank you for work done. 

TRAITOR is what I was called yet again(by real traitors).

Poland’s Purchase of Fifth-Generation Multi-Role F-35 Fighters
On January 31, 2020, Poland signed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance to purchase 32 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Conventional Take Off and Landing (CTOL) Aircraft produced by Lockheed Martin, and 33 Pratt & Whitney F-135 Engines. The supersonic, multi-role F-35 represents a quantum leap in air dominance capability with enhanced lethality and survivability in hostile, anti-access airspace environments.
  • The United States’ offer to Poland for 32 F-35 multi-role aircraft is valued at $4.6 billion.
  • The United States is providing a Total Package Approach that not only includes delivery of the 32 aircraft, but also provides aircraft, pilot and maintenance support training; advanced flight simulators, and ongoing aircraft maintenance; and a robust logistics support system equally shared with other F-35 partner nations.
  • Additionally, the Total Package Approach includes future aircraft upgrades, ensuring Poland will always be on the leading edge with its air defense capabilities.
The F-35 fifth-generation multi-role fighters, also called “Lightning II”, will:
  • Fulfill Poland’s air combat requirements. Fifth-generation is defined by the combination of Very Low Observables (VLO) stealth characteristics, integrated sensors and avionics, and sensor fusion, all supported by an advanced logistics and sustainment system. These advanced features provide Poland’s Air Force with cutting edge capabilities, delivering the ability to operate freely even in complex and dangerous combat environments.
  • Provide Poland with a robust defense capability to deter aggression in the region.
  • Augment Poland’s operational aircraft inventory and enhance its air-to-air and air-to-ground self-defense capability.
  • Provide Poland with modern systems that will enhance interoperability with U.S. forces and increase security.
  • Improve the security of Poland and the NATO Alliance.
  • Strengthen the security and defense partnership between Poland and the United States.
Exceptional Capabilities: 
  • The F-35 is currently the most lethal and survivable fighter in the world.
  • The F-35 combines fifth-generation fighter aircraft characteristics — advanced stealth, integrated avionics, sensor fusion and superior logistics support — to produce the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history.
  • The F-35’s ability to collect, analyze, and share data is unparalleled. This capability allows Polish and NATO forces to work together effectively to deter and defend against threats to the Eastern Flank and return home safely.
  • By actively sharing threat information with other aircraft, sea- and ground-based forces, the F-35 is a critical force multiplier. It provides current and unique intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data that identifies targets and passes this information to other aircraft and ground stations. The F-35 is capable of synthesizing the most complete situational awareness picture and serves as a battlespace manager. These unique fifth-generation capabilities can enhance the effectiveness of fourth-generation aircraft in Poland’s armed forces, such as the F-16, through interoperability.
  • Missions that traditionally would have required a variety of specialized aircraft to execute different tasks — air-to-air combat, air-to-ground strikes, electronic attack, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance — can now be performed by a single squadron of F-35s.
  • The F-35 enhances Polish Air Force combat capability with its game-changing very low observability stealth characteristics. Its large internal fuel and weapons payload offers a unique combination of long range and excellent maneuverability.
  • More than 450 F-35s are operating today, with more than 220,000 flight hours. Poland is getting the best the United States has to offer.  This is a dependable platform.
Better and Cheaper Over Time: 
  • The F-35 design will be continuously modernized to keep it one step – or many steps – ahead of threats. As a result, the aircraft will become even more capable and affordable over its life cycle.
  • Both production and sustainment costs are coming down. The F-35 already costs the same or less to procure than older fighter jets but provides a transformational leap in capability.
  • The F-35 allows Poland to leverage and benefit from worldwide investments in a $50 billion development program. Declining acquisition costs; multi-national commonality; advanced sustainment; and common training and support systems make the F-35 the best value for money available. 
Other Benefits: 
  • An F-35 acquisition is the whole package – not just the aircraft, but also all the training and ongoing support needed to operate this sophisticated fighter.
  • The F-35 program means upgrading Polish infrastructure across Poland’s military facilities. Those upgrades will make the Polish military more ready to respond in times of crisis.
  • Infrastructure improvements related to the F-35 mean new employment opportunities across the country, in fields like construction, as well as in the technology sector.

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