Wednesday, February 19, 2020

MKultra: 7 of 8 Identification of second job in Poland selected for me via MKultra program

Video can be also seen at 

At least 14 employees identified(entire company from A to Z) along several customers as well as company's past. 

There was a warehouse in vicinity where Americans held me under MKultra as well as hotel which grew over time into real hotel(its where my future "job" would or could be located as well)

None of what one could see if not knowing history. Thic company, however, was THE company for Americans - its where they have also anticipated my spine(harniated disc for whih doctor in Zgierz barely game one month rest via lots of troubles - was schedulled six mnonths ago for examination with therapist which will be due in March this year - very insane yes, but profitable for Polish state according to my understanding) would go bad in record time again and it did. 

Once spine got bad again, they again(its what doctor in Zgierz lied about when he insisted on my reporting myself as ready/healthy for job search on how he will enter weight limit in respect to work) declined to enter data into computer for the sake of job already know how registration at state employment agency went and almost(nothing yet in reality and this is bad enough) all other details.

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