Sunday, February 9, 2020

40km walk yesterday(even 45min run) - one would even think all is okay, but is not so/far from what it used to be

Lodz Grotniki and back. But first four hours a barely made it anywhere with pain in spine. Each hour, I laid down and streched my spine as one should if experiencing herniated disc...then pain gradually improved. On my way back I ran for 45 minutes. Backpack also was empty compared to my 12 month routine during which regularly one was loaded with some10/15 kg(yeah, I was in top shape and am now bordering somewhere disability issues).
22 years old American(now in Warszaw - bank employee and the youngest person who somewhat tried himself - nice boy) told me he would get paid about 2 million Dollars for experiencing spine related issues from same work I have gone through...he was SOMEWHAT(not happy at all - he told me how difficult it is to get ahead in life as so many people are out there willing to do the same or even worse) satisfied due to youth when compared to mine and fact that they owe me money, while he was earning one as NKultra staff(youngest one of them all) member.

MKultra staff members had Dollars staffed in socks and have used money exchange in Zgierz...ate best bakery in Poland what made their trips/adventures rather fun. I on the other hand would find myself often times skid on my way back to Grotniki(back from Zgierz) was often times day old - potato and twice had eggs switched with old eggs what left me with severe stomach pain/body weakness once to the point I have fallen on floor and almost ambulance came to pick me up in the middle of the night...wind in intestines made circumstances(specially around people) the thing impossible....things destroyed religiously and first bike stolen within 10 days...second and third one sold with problems(have this problems already since year 2013 if not earlier and was used as a second transportation option by man who sold me one) which make one impossible to drive during winter. According to American MKultra staff members of which many were stressed out and bagged locals to help me out as much as possible, I would undergo 10x times bigger ordeal of what they went through...and I did lifting more boxes in mentioned company than any other individual...When I started walk yesterday, I was certain that by age 60(even 55) will become a paraplegic on wheelchair....either way, I will not differ from life even a single millimeter and even for the cost of wheelchair if its what it will take. This cowardly crime of Kaczynski/Duda/ Buckingham palace was nothing more than act of envy(combination of anger and impotence - typical symptoms of dysfunctional higher class because of which the rest of the society suffers) from top politicians...Karry/William claimed that I will experience mental issues in my life time...they both clarified me spine issues - "we whack spine and then you will see if you will have them or not".

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