Friday, February 7, 2020

Rather than signing military and economic pact with Ukraine, Poland blows away almost 5 billion Dollars for F35 planes

Planes are already outsourced by otger machibes arsenal - a must for Polish survival next to above mentooned pacts nuclear weaponry, however  doesnt even exist.

Even Germans didnt blow money on something that fades into oblivion within just several years and is used primarily as an assoult weapon as  they instead invested 2.5 billion USD into spy planes(bet they got when compared to Poland, 10x back more for their money).

Hiw much comission/goodies in form of help did Duda or his daughter in US(she is in search for American multibillioner) received from from the deal is ALSO  still unknown.

Polish politic is one f**** disaster.

A blunder one after another - foremost a betrayal of the nation.

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