Sunday, February 9, 2020

Water aqua parks in Poland opened(growing like mushrooms after rain) where not needed - DO NOT EXIST(or are affordable) WHERE EMERGENCIES(spine related disability pandemic) REQUIRE THEM

Not difficult to build them where there is plenty water...question is what/who(how much) benefit from them - what is the matter of priorities for entire society...greater Lodz area as an example is facing pandemic of spine related issues yet people(general public - needed for families as well) seldom has access to much needed water amenities during winter and even summer months...much needed liposuction procedure facilities(health care hospital centers which should compliment aqua centers as part of complexes) for disabled don't exist either...

Its what is needed and is not. Lodz just happen to be center of the Poland(Zgierz much worse) where water is scarce and in 95% polluted resource ...Its where toxic rubbish is burned and lost of illegal waste is dumped all over the place. Needs emergency attention.
 Price list of un-affordable(EXAMPLE) for the most of the population Fala Aquapark in Lodz - because if you limit access to general public or even lower quality of educational(public services incl. prison system/transportation etc.) SYSTEM, need for private businesses(schools, prisons, hospitals) increases. Its a neonazi formula used in USA and other multicultural societies where only certain portion of population profits from within - its what Poland/Russia/Ukraine and all others (professed by Trump to use - to sabotage own industry till one fails and turn for solution into private filed regardless of how bad one may be) can't afford. 

Its what whacked economically(in contrast to exploitation systems on West entire) South American continent and much of the world(causes division and hatred withing society and promotes corruption - a total decay of one).

Answer is vibrant capitalist society(problem is actually lack of real capitalist society as whatever we have is leftover of impartial capitalism led by racist West - we are therefore incapable and in many cases unwilling to offer one in return the opposite through competitive ways - not only important for us, but extremely important for their own people who need such base to exist) which would rather orient itself into job market(provide employment for young professionals in above mentioned areas - could accommodate also foreigners in search of health because in increasingly abusive world, demands for mentioned will continue to increase) offering improvements of life through extras while at the same time taxpayers money should be offering general public affordable access to basics without which one will not survive on long term. 

Those facing above mentioned health(those in biggest need) concerns are physical workers who get paid about 13-16 Zloty per hour and can't afford(not even near) anything(regardless of how much needed) seen  above - often times workers from elsewhere which economy could profit from as well...but hey, in world like this they(we) don't even count.

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