Wednesday, February 5, 2020

So what do you do

find job first or visit physicians so he can register possible damages done to your health on previous employment. 

Zgierz doctor who insisted on my fiding job and how he entered information about my being available for job with lighter tasks(no heavy lifting that would be entered in computer system) didn't do anything as promissed...further, after week of work at selected employer(about 100 applications sent out ignored) as same sympotms of harniated disc would return and I was about to get second medical examination done, I am told to wait another 3 months or so + that I should visit neurologist(yeah, but what does physical injury has to do with psychiatry while avoiding what needed to be done directly !!???? Mentioned physician today declined to acknowledge anything wrong with me, so she could enter in computer system as per which immediate jobs I am suitable and gestured need for additional proofs about spine disc problems which even CD disc I handed her - that she needs paper which came along and additional examination results - she didn't acknowledged anything wrong with spine so far according to her - go register yourself for next job "search")

On what bullied at next hospital with EMS personnel in orange red suits for asking questions(up to date I haven't had chance to meet with orthoped yet if this makes sense of any kind to you and I should report myself for work prior to being evaluated for work concerning harniated disc) and at library where just now have identified two individuals was left with message concerning paranoid schizofrenia and how to cure one - lady for whom I have identified as psychologist next to my computer have begun to gesture that I watched what she typed when I identified her as one and that she typed so because she has a meeting from psychology/psychiatry right here right now...

There is no meeting and I was busy typing blog to you that I just released. So it is harassment...along the way here to library I have heard "nie realno etc."...

 There was no psychiatric meeting tonight in here and bellow you can see chart of activities for entire months. None is seen.

Court invitations are going to rain. As far as "realno", I have identified yesterday on the go English man and bunch of other interesting people/busineses...I have too many proofs and NO JOB(spend time searching for one rather than to concentrate on mentioned stuff also triggers suspicion on me on state collaboratioin behind my back with wealthy elites which mentioned situation to bring me to negotiation table - will not happen - ever) !!!! 

How do you do all these without job and in situation(take another "job" and land on wheel chair for life because this is where I headed at last location where I lasted a single week !!???) as I am in !!????

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