Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Made in(right here) Poland - loaded with 10/15kg on backpack and headed from/to Grotniki Zgierz/Lodz and back while drugged up

American psychologist LOVED this and even more my neighbor from Novo mesto and few other cookies...
Its why I am a dog's person today...I think dogs/cats do make wiser decisions than humans often times. They sure don't ask for explanations for what you are about to see. This is so stupid/so criminal I feel no point in even writing it here...

Its nothing much left to brain in this case...not even animals would come with plan like this, but LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING filth(SOME - NOT ALL - MKULTRA STAFF MEMBERS) involved/hired in MKultra did. 

They also got assistance in box lifting in mentioned company in Zgierz where crippled and didn't cross even 50% of milleage between Zgierz/Grotniki of what I did. Brainwashed/lied on how it will be with me just as the case was with them while going through NOTHING compared nto my ordeal and causing what you see to claim credits for themselves. 

"you must pass test...others did too..."(no longer was even about "if yoiu can prove MKultra" - insane bullshit is what this is - A CRAP TO WHICH WEALTHY LAUGHED AND LAUGH AT...creep crap fucky facky whack choip chop disabled person...kick nhimn beat him up and have him bag for mercy..diagnose hm as insane and have him search for rubber bands/polkastic bags on sidewalks after destroying him everything....have him bag for sanity on streets of foreign country with voice recorder after ruining one 25 years of life with forced unemployment for the sake of worse than slavery HAHAHAHA).

Before entering city, they took backpacks down of my back and placed them on their backs and walk like a real man do on public sidewalks. Even cried about how hardr and what problems that they have with me etc...This is the truth about you bravery. Its enough you knew for one another(again all didn't do this) - were yelled few times by superiors right infront of me TO STOP WITH CRIMINAL PRACTICE is why I also know. 

The one who monitored all these were sports physicians - the one in Zgierz who didn't even enter in computer system my having harniated disc problem, but did lied about doing so few months ago to me in the face. I WILL GET YOU TO THE COURT SIR.

Related to they made fun out of crippling...wanted my reactions on diagnosis from physicians on how I have curved/bent spine...heh...wanted questions from me on how to straighten one up to shut my mouths with, "you never f*** for life" hysteria...



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