Wednesday, February 5, 2020

MKULTRA: Sale of Skoda Felicia audio

Three bikes and car(seats bthere useless and is waiting for court day to come)...its bad but it could be much even worse(not saying it cant be).
Video can be also seen at

MKultra and what effect one had on car sale plot. Abuse and blame for "insults"(its whyv address from Serghei was used whom I have insulted under MKultra - Minsk) used against abusers, forgiveness and trust given for MKultra abuse/ insults, and trust abused atop of post MKultra abuse which lead all the way to disc crippling and many other serious problems. Yeah, Belarus/Lukashenko of car hosted via private Buckingham palace's residence in Zgierz/car tested by Americans(and operated occasionally ever since) already since 2008 - hear with your own ears.

There really is nothing else to add/say - court invitation for all parties involved is what is coming next.

Took me two hours to get to car(you have noo idea what police organised prior to this car with another cars that took me even to Lowitz - I have proofs for that too - boy you would want car with harniated disc and with so many EXPENSIVE scams) on bike and 900 Zloty not 400 as he has written...

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