Saturday, February 1, 2020

MKULTRA SHIZO NEWS FROM YAHOO: News followed up immediately(within minutes) and just as I was told case would be

---Harry/Meghan moving down to California(that he would move to Canada because of me and try to stay invisible as much as possible according to MKultra scenario, but if I would break with mentioned psychologist who according to Buckingham palace is the only one who could save my life - fear from me no longer would exist as I wouldn't present danger of any kind). That this news would make Meghan extremely happy as she hates it up there. News went from one extreme when day prior news about Harry/Meghan finances became questionable(mentioned was some money/fund whatever that Queen ended for the two) to what you see here.

Buckingham palace insisted on her, but I am certain for all the wrong reasons - reasons for which they were certain something like this would never happen from my side.

In fact, Buckingham palace conditioned me damages compensation with her relation. I think important information for other royal houses across the Europe as well as politicians, so those can understand how far this whole thing went from lie after lie. This is basically whom you have entrusted my life to and they got their needed services while in US through Trump.

---Wild photo of Trump waving angrily to Iowans, "we will win". Yes, if I would do something like this - it would mean victory for Trump. We can return to above comment as no one hated her more than Trump.

---Elon Musk starts his new song about vibes...his stocks that will gain billions etc.

My take on all these:

I didn't have a clue mentioned people above are as much animals as they are. There isn't much human in them if anything at all. I am truly not angry at Harry - the least at Meghan despite both being involved in extremely inappropriate dealings concerning this very case. Will not go into Trump/Musk issues - I don't have time nor is worth wasting my energy.

Female psychologist knew all about crippling in Poland. She was in fact used as pivotal part to one as she even insisted my proving people Lodz/Zgierz/Ukraine and Russia(workers) on how I have nothing to do with hatred which I displayed under MKultra and because of which many suffered bad deeds. She also knew all about last company I worked at and other locations where tortured...she omitted most important facts(including that whole thing was done for the sake of money - not to mention what resulted in most severe spine injury), and I frankly would not stand on the way with my unhealthy issues to a young, intelligent, healthy female who knows every loophole in the great city of Lodz.

It would be like placing elephant inside of the porcelain store - on one side young beautiful female individual eating healthy natural food in just right amounts, getting normal sleep, a psychologist in fact(sure knows how to sort her mental issues properly) with more friends than what one can count...all perfect. While on the other corner a bum who had to be even crippled, so he would see himself on picture and be seen as old grumpy man.

NOT COMPATIBLE AND I SAY THIS WITH ANGER(Vitebsk was so filthy in 1996 when there that Slovenian delegation guaranteed I will never ever see myself in one if not cleaned thoroughly and remodeled to look somewhat appealing). With arrival to our house in Slovenia, Russians also learned what bidet is(in 2019 Mr. Juriy from Belarus tried to explain me what bidet is)...Borut Pahor tutored Vladimir Putin to not be ashamed when approaching women in Slovenia as one had such a low esteem that he couldn't even word a  single word to a female - he eventually stole business personality(copied one to last millimeter) of father's friend Jozef Crtalic who was small company owner....and so on and so forth.

Crippling(directed energy weapons and poisonings should tell you to stop, but this was for you a point of no return on this picture - probably even wanted from your side this way as I don't believe anything you have or would have to say) is what dis-selected you in this process for infinity. Its not how you LOVE...its how you whisper death to selected MKultra victim and you are expert at it.

Couldn't and can't understand why crippling me was so important to Polish state(why would you do something like this to someone who is on your side - doing his best to help your people| - why would you want to ruin life to such person - make one miserable for the rest of his life !!???? Push him broken car - torture one with the right to buy eyeglasses/vision - compel him into sleep in the forest and so on...why !!????).

All know for is that everybody in this world deserves more. Disgusted and angry yes. This happened inside of the European Union...this was done by United States of America government(you blocked me from employment - you brought me to these country for torture - you handed me into the worst of the worst slavery to Buckingham palace - you allowed for me to be tortured - you watch/have seen what was done to me and have done nothing about it)...all these against tiny little individual...

@Wholly father in heaven - I wonder what you think about it all because I wondered back and forth a city for which I was told by Americans when brought here is where I will be killed in the future - and I just couldn't find the answer. 

Do they even deserve to tell to the world what went on here !!????

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