Saturday, February 1, 2020

I anticipate and was something was told case AGAIN will be, Poland will evolve into society even more open for unimaginable crimes

Its what I was told by Americans case was and will be again and will grow like this till atrocities from WWII will again repeat.

I certainly can't and will not stand up for society which allows prohibited(unimaginable) for civilized world to take place on its floor/ground.

I don't know anything about this country yet to be honest, but what I have tasted on my own skin is far less than impressive. Sure is non Christian and contradicts values of any kind - incl. those which supposedly concern greater Slavic society.

Saying this because I was asked on multiple occasions if I will stay here - what my plan is. I honestly no longer know and if I do. I was always(extremely ambitious - interested/stimulated in good looking cars things) looking forward to life - I feel guilty these days just sighting 20 years old junks parked along the road...its hard to earn one with broken spine(not allowed other than SELECTED manual jobs) and why would anyone want to drive even new Mercedes when feeling like this.

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