Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Was at employment office again yesterday

time was about 1030am. Not available as too many people were there prior ti my visit. Come next day I did and was told by acquaintance involved in MKultra that never was like this before. His friend that had dame luck and had to stop bye three times before being served.

At 0815 today, long line awaited me...am here waiting just that selected employer(about 1000 job applications bever answered - only selected employers are allowed too and those are employers previousky involved in MKultra) never regustered me with government dusallowing me thus access to medical examinbation and that previous doctir didnt even entered data in my healthvrecird as per having disc destroyed - should ge available only for selected employments. Meaning I will have to come back abd do it all over again abd so on.

As you see Polish state works hard to prove life doesnt have any sense. Technoligy obtained I think from UK - work on my teeth dinbe sometimes in 2010 or so

Will never ever go on surgery in Poland. Two teeths have fallen appart on remote controll click just as I was tolld case will be and even reminded of events...add to that implants into disc area for which they craved, and you are as good as dead. Better to be on wheel chair.

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