Monday, February 3, 2020

Depression - what is it !!????? And what to do if you ever find yourself in one.

Doctor(with knowledge 100x of psychiatrist - not a biggie, but know I experienced one for the first time due to extremely oppressive regime in what used to be Yugoslavia at age 10 and then for the second and last time when falsely diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at age 39 - for the first time at age 10 I was told that violence will continue till I will loose will for life and for the second time at age 39 I felt tremendous injustice when accused of something I had nothing to do with - both times I survived and started beating back harder and harder) Auser answers:

Its a chemical imbalance in the body and can be caused by variety of factors. Natural and unnatural.
#1 natural factors incl. stress/pregnancy etc. The worst factor you can face off with(reach and famous often do without knowing what goes on till its all too late) are chemicals added to your food supply/or even fluids(you yourself most often may be taking drugs or consuming alcohol on your own for whatever reason). Don't doubt these "added" - I was experimented on in Belarus - proven that chemicals mixed to food can actually alter taste in one and compel individual into consumption of specific food(in my case snack bar known as snickers was on my food menu night and day - its what I was told case will be - if not proven, I would have no believed anyone who would told me possibility of something like this). Thank you for that school. 

Talking about school, let me add to one military service or employment which can lead into above mentioned problematic as well(difficult or even impossible environment for whatever reason there may be). Modification for the taste can lead into drug addiction.

#2 Involvements in accidents(own accidents or family tragedies that can lead to deaths or crippling) can have as a result people suffer depression. Add possibility of wars, natural disasters/disasters on general...

#3 Social engineering - when every attempt for your improvements in life is simply crashed via variety of foremost job related issues. Directed energy weapons are also often times added to one. Unfortunately shorter life expectancy adds greatly to wealth of the state(economy) and its also the fastest way used to transfer wealth from individual(group of people or certain portion of society) onto another party/parties. Since this paragraph describes foremost unnatural and almost unavoidable, I would add to one also possibility of mentioned above(job, school, etc.) via artificial by government well planned calculated causes.

#4 Disease of wealthy people who know price of everything and value of nothing. These are people who have too much time on hand and everything within reach the easy way. They never struggled in their lives, so they understandable have problems with here mentioned issues.

#5 genetic/inherited disorders...yeah they exist...still think its completely avoidable if one puts mind to it.

How to avoid one on the first place and what to do or not in case you didn't...

Self awareness is primary self defense mechanism - immunity system which will alert you at critical point and time that something is wrong with either your life style or surroundings you are in. Once one becomes aware about what goes on, usually takes precosions when dealing with issues or certain environment and if not - well.... Know the longer depression(negative feel - lack of will for life or I should say ambition in a form of whatever that may be) goes on, the less likely you will manage to maneuver out of one...with time, one can become chronic and in world where antidepressants are available over the counters at your preferred psychiatric offices(all covered by medicare because big pharma business is a part of its a part of rat racing machine known as rat racing - social engineering) just as candies are in the supermarkets, you may no longer even know other than what color of pills for your new supported/comforted life look like in what should be otherwise real life :)))) Pills change with colors of life/taste too :)))

I am pro life(never really have problem with one despite all and also pro abortion for same reason). Hope you too...Good luck whatever you choose, but know life is and should be a struggle:))) 

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