Thursday, February 6, 2020

Very young doctress(female doctor) I met yesterday claimed was new

and didn't know how to open what you see here when I handed her disc. Funny because I just did and look - there is a clear description of what happened to my spine, but was never entered in state computer system just as situation with me employment not.

 Its also written that everything is normal, although, it doesn't look like and what you see here was delayed - not even done immediately. Its normal to have upper entire arm paralised and painful - that you couldn't squeeze fist on both hands(middle fingers numb each morning)....that pain extended all the way to toes on right leg...sure it is. 

Normal that I was lied by physician 3 months ago even on how he entered data about my spine issue in work file, so i won't be considered for jobs which require healthy spine(no heavy lifting/bending etc.)...She sent me on examinations which would take up to 9 months to complete(incl. to neurologist) / I will hand her a court invitation instead. She was not new in 2015 when she met me in the very same office to harass on mental issues and what followed up on me for the rest of the day yesterday.
As far as unemployment(since I did nothing for entire week other than reported myself to state office and to doctors where my spine suffered even more on those chairs) is a document that proves how I was setup in addition to MKultra brainwash with idea to start my own good that will be and told even that if I dont make whatever amount of money, manager of company would be really angry with me...
In fact what for what you see here(when buying), price would be even lower on what(when ready for purchase) one changed to 47+...what it means to have your own company in Poland !!???? Zero income guaranteed and what is equivalent to $350 per month to paid to national security service...within 6 months amount per month increases to over $1000(I calculate like this because pay is 13 Zloty per hour cash, so Zloty and Dollars in terms of standard more or less match one another)

And because I didn't make any sale and have decided to close down company within month, NIP number already given to office for state employment in Zgierz was required from me again in Lodz yesterday and today since I didn't have one(why NIP number if company was removed even from national register and why again one was not entered in state computer system located just 15 kilometers from here I do not know - all i know for is that I was second time within week without toothpaste this morning, that my week old sleepers have fallen apart under shower as they were cut with knife last night and that I was asked at 7am by housemaid why am not at work - it was enough to disturb to leave number at residence and so i spent yet another day at state office in vain for nothing - when you wake up in the mornings just to see what I mentioned here on a two year row, it gets heavy).

During departure some 20 pedestrians looked at watch during my trip on foot to state office where 15 minutes prior to opening(didn't help as I was done at 1130 - line was long and computer automatically stops issuing number after 10am - its open till 1500 hours do and was told by othjers that it wasnt like this before - but what really matters is that is now). Phone call from state employment agency not possible to another employment agency for nip# and upon a bit frustrated departure I was saluted with first responders or police or whatever sirens who love to do just mentioned right infront of hostel.

So frustrated when attempting to use OTG cable to obtain photos with number from SD cards at employment agency that I didn't even realized I have them on OTG cable afterall was switched with God only knows what this is, but I guess is used for hard drive and one looks like OTG cable for android ...this is not mine and most likely used for hard drive or something. Never needed and have never ever purchased seen here, but this is how it goes....want to repair cut cable on laptop charger before one fells apart by exploding - go ahead to the store and buy another new superglue because two you kept for reserve are gone already. When its done like this several times, you no longer feel like even buying and repairing as is stolen before partially broken....and so on.

Tooth paste missing because you dont even want to know why...okay even a tiny beautiful baby kept running to me to hug me today on several occasions - claimed am her daddy !!???? According to MKultra because I would meet mentioned psychologist when without toothpaste - because all these because according to brainwashers(her imitators) she wanted to meet me in circumstances in which I will be all messed up...the most frequent song played(played to me at lest 500x times over and over again) to me under MKultra was

F****topia !!???? yes

And why according to some Americans was this necessary whenever I asked them and have tried to communicate intelligently with them !!???? 

"Because we just love f***ing with you are so cute to f*** with....its so fun to f**** with you hahahaha".

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