Thursday, February 6, 2020

@USGOVERNMENT: Replacement access denied - Cortes/Sanders

The one who knew about Romney and have insisted me as one and only chance was Andrzej Duda next to Trump sometimes in 2017.

@US Government - I am a 48 years old Slav from treated me with your slavery certificate(awarded to me as US citizenship) used for torture purposes only in US worse than black slaves during slavery period(you would seldomly encountered anyone treating even animals like this). My job is now to present our beloved country USA in the right light to eastern European community - community now(when needed for global nazi plan) known also as "whites", so they can understand the real meaning of "white niggers"(this is what we are if judged on experiences from the past and case of my own - I don't argue with it/am fine with it as long as each eastern European will understand what you have done and attempted to get away with).

As far as Duda - look, there were like you already before. You have doppelganger from the past.
His name is Ante Pavelic and had just about same smile as you have.

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