Wednesday, February 5, 2020

US Government releases Trump from criminal charges

To be honest, I feared one would prove othervise. Notice my no longer using democrat/republican in above sentence. I will explain tomorrow. Its time for one to also get stars replaced with swastikas.

US = neonazi state which stands for Hitlerism and slavery - same what one has done to me. Its final goal is same as was the one of Adolf Hitler and concerns just as the rest of the world also entire Eastern Europe. Lets see hiw gambling goes along...US government told me most likely this wouldnt happen unless Pompeo would secure grounds in Kazakhstan area...war will continue to brew therefore.

Important lesson...democrates are nothing more than word on paper...many are fake and for others is good enough to know they voted....entire operation is controlled by greater nazi party known as Republican party.

I like it that way because you cant destroy evill unless you get one on political stage. World can see what Americs is today thanks to Trump.

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