Wednesday, February 5, 2020

People ask if I will stay in Poland

Answer is yes. The problem you Poles have is not with me. I forgave you because I Iive in hope for you(once you stary such commitment; you tend to stick with one). The proble you have(the one to ask ,"why all these") is located in Warszaw. Ask instead "why" to Mr. Duda/ Kaczynski - not me and if I will stay.

I loved here...just today was lets say a doggy day. I love people country, but will not be quiet for the sake of some Talibans which should never serve in government on the first place.

They did this to you through me.

The Snoop I need one lol...I allways loved dog a lot :))

+ you have this bad enough psychologist girl that makes me feel to stick arround a bit longer ;)

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