Monday, February 3, 2020


I don't know how much have you realized, but pretty much everything I have done and despite all, I did it seeing it through your eyes for you.

For what Polish state have done in my case against me, absolutely didn't have any grounds(rights) to do so(this was no life saving operation as brainwashed - this was betrayal atop of all other betrayals and there was no side from which I wouldn't be stabbed in my back)

I will not even go into details about what also took place(ohhh, there was more) because it would cause rage within societies outside of the Poland. Societies which are clearly(they really are - its not like myself - there people really are up to no good) in search for real betrayal of our countries. 

And will do so because truth for me is one and only...
Its written in title and I refuse to see it the other way.
Psychology skills did no good in this case, but that little you would be more than welcome if you ever manage to climb to me out of your shell.

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