Wednesday, May 1, 2019

View on what Donald Trump created in Poland and where whole thing is heading

Video can be also seen at

Hope this is a great response to ORWELLIAN US DEMOCRAT PARTY(Nancy Palosi - see nothing, hear nothing - signed agreement with Trump for non existing 2 trillion infrastructure rebuild on release of my news and Trump suing DEUTSCHE BANK because he is not Deutsche afterall - is very pro Polish according to the timing, just as his law suits against fake media outlets is which he created to gain credibility and so on).

I noticed humanity to be chronically sick - adicted to Orwelian type of the world...lost via my case even more as what you have seen was not only call for help of someone in need whose life was destroyed by pack criminals on top state poisitions for the pleasure of it, but in fact your own funeral. What was done to me(am not even first, but first who have proven what others who didnt go even through 1% of my ordeal, didnt even dared to think about could be done) you will all face at one stage or anoher in direction we are heading.

At the end of the tunnel it seems to have been all for nothing except that word light(whatever that would mean in my case according to lies of some) didn't replace truth. I sure understand you need your daily dose of lies Alex Jones alike, a monthly bag of marijuana, liter of vodka, and a pack of cigarettes per day. ICC, UN, and EU Court of lies for human rights. 

See nothing, hear nothing, know nothing, thank you for everything, and pay me to torture you and kill you(bag for sanity on streets of foreign country after 24 years of torture haha ha). When you can do s*** like this to the own people(US citizens) what can you not do heh !!???

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