Thursday, May 2, 2019

Kremlinski Terrorist Signs Internet Isolation Bill Into Law

Here is one of the main reasons why law - map of Auser Times(nobody delivered more truth about tratorious rat than myself).
Russia today = a violent schizophrenic bubble of lies and rape. Truth prohibitted and I hope EU(hope UN throws one out) seals(isolates one just as Putan sealed one via internet) Russian border to last millimeter till Putanowich is trialed for his crimes infront of Russian people alone. Either you give your beloved Putan or you should eat grass as far as am concerned.

From themoscowtimes

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a bill that seeks to establish Russia’s “internet sovereignty” into law.
Deputies first submitted the measures to tighten state control over the internet in December, citing the need to respond to an “aggressive” U.S. national cybersecurity strategy. It has drawn fierce criticism from civil society groups over fears that it would lead Russia to follow China’s example in establishing an isolated internet landscape.

The law will seek to create an alternative domain name system (DNS) to protect the Russian-language section of the internet in case it is disconnected from the World Wide Web. So far, no country has ever been deliberately disconnected from the internet.
Although Russia’s state media regulator and major tech firms backed the steps to unplug from foreign servers, experts criticized the bill as being too vague and impossible to implement.
A recent state-run poll found that 52 percent of Russians oppose the bill.

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