Friday, May 3, 2019

Kaczynski - a Polish bigot/traitor who worked for Russians(so called USSR) already in1988

He didnt only declined for plane crash investigation in 2010 to be delayed for no less than 9 years if this isnt insabe enough - traitor also LOVED to setup Polish women for a rape...his team diligently assisted KGB boys in rapes because(according to him), Polish women just loved to be raped by Russians(I am certain they provided maniac with videotapes of rapes).

His favorite, however, was a play with directed energy weapons. Giving people cancer( dreamed about fragility of human brain once affected by cancer(brain tumors) - psychopath talked about brain cancer treatments how painful that are and patients suffering such injuries would be frequently his party opponents, I cite" once you have it, it gets better it gets worse through treatments, but if you continue to object it just goes to worse and worse - we have health system that takes care that".

When subjected to MKultra, I was taken to Warsaw hospital as well as to Lodz and Zgierz(straight into unit for brain cancer research) and intimidated with all sorts of issues.

He had recipe for rigged elections as well and according to him have learned one from Germany. Indicate via media where his party lost as highest gains and where little votes as highest- then concentrate in area where litle votes and destroy whatever obstacle may be there in respect to future. Real genious.

Whenever he made agreement with Americans or others in respect to issues which they wouldfibd out onecway or anothger about(if those found out what went on or they would in respect to Russians which were up to no good in Poland, he would start to complain to Western side about it to get their advice and even support), on what he would make stupid faces and excuses on next meetings on how he just couldnt etc...was f*** people from West who paid him attention straight in their faces with idea to frustrate them.

I can go on and on about two miraculos brothers - fact is that no one sane from West vwants to come anywhere even close to Poland bvecause of him and his students Duda/Morawiecki(same age as I am and Duda spent quite some time in our home in Slovenia along with Putin and others - he too "realized" that is money what matters since Russia is the bigest Slavic country).

They almost whacked Poroshenko along the road(Kaczynski reported behind back of Ukrainians everything to Moscow) - no diference between Kremlin and Warsaw whatsoever and evidently nothing ever changed since.

Happy constitution day....sure, but first tell me how many judges did hevreplaced lately for the sake of racist homophobic Moscow.


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