Sunday, May 5, 2019

Kaczynski is confident that video/audio proofs about my case will not surface accross the border

Acts with confidence and I dont see why he shouldt. He allways got from West whatever he wanted too. And we get again to the same issue known as "give get or get give" if you like.

EU is a cash cow afterall. Demented one too.

When you visit Eastern Europe, you are scanned 100 times by security services on what name of your cat/dog(who your friends are and not - forget family etc. - info. supplied to them via White House channels if extra clearance is required, so they can follow up on you upon your return to your country of origin), and they get to move to our countries as pleased(dont see any American/German agents who would want to build their lives in Poland or Belarus or Russia).

Russia who has own people even in NRA, I think, left a single US embassy opened and that one is in Moscow...things didnt changed so much after all upon fall if the Iron courtain and you all knew that moment will come when you will have to face truth(clearly a waste of taxpayers money).

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